Society's Edge was an exhibit of 22 images at the Bakersfield Museum of Art in California. The exhibit focused on the plight of the homeless in this San Joaquin Valley town. The photos span a time of thirty years with half being shot in the summer of 2009. All of the photos, both old and recent, were taken within a 1 mile radius of the museum.

Interrupted Prayer, 1982Orthopedic Shoe, 19791816 18th Street, Diptych, 2009 Young Couple, 1979Bruce, 2009Stephanie, 2009Evicted, 1981 Four Men, 1982 Family, Bakersfield Homeless Center,  2009 Resting, 2009Robert, 2009 Food Line, 1982 Steve and Queenie, 2009Bakersfield Rescue Mission, 198259 Men, 1982Henry, 2009Morning Chill, 2008 Lacey, 2009  Oscar, 1979Henry with Pigeons, 2009William, 1995Timothy and Lacey, 2009