The Padre Hotel was an exhibit of 22 images at the Surface Gallery in 2010. The exhibit reflected the history of the iconic Bakersfield landmark just as the hotel itself had re-opened and found new life as a boutique hotel.

Protest #1, 1977Spartacus, 1977 Protest #2, circa 1978Tombs, 1981Fox & Padre, 2000 Hot Padre, 1985Entrance, 18th Street, 1996Padre from Parking Garage, 2010Reflection, 2000Town Casino, 2000 Padre #11, 2002Airplane & Padre, 2000Parking Free, 1992TV, 1992 Coffee Shop, 2001Padre, 2009Protest, 2010The Padre Hotel, Twilight, 2009Padre #36, 2002Window, Front  Desk, 2002 Lobby, Southeast View,  2002Padre #32, 2002Padre, Wall Street Alley, 2002Padre w/ Trees, 2001Torn Awning, Wall St. Alley Entrance, 2001 Downtowner, 2001Dismantling the Padre, 2002Padre w/ Clouds, 2003 Padre &Arrow, 2011Sunset, 2015