These photographs represent an on going a personal project of documenting town of Bakersfield, CA. From the people who live here, to the unique architecture , including the dismantling of the famed “Bakersfield Inn Sign” that stretched across Union Ave. An exhibit of this work resulted in a critical review in Artweek Magazine

Bakersfield Tattoo, 2002Sun-Fun-Stay-Play, 1981Bakersfield Straight Ahead, Mojave, CA 2000Trout's, 2001Gunshow#1, 2001Arch Demolished, 1999Oildale Panhead, 2001Let's Eat, with Truck, 1982Girl in Window, Hotel Bakersfield, 1979Bakersfield Inn Marquee, 1977Merle @ Fox Theater, 2007Mural with Scooter, 2003Padre & Clouds, 2003Best Pawn, 2005Silver Spur, 1977Cadillac Exit, 1999Bill @ J's, 1982Gunshow #2, 2000Deschwanden's Shoe Repair, 2002Zingo's, 2003Let's Eat, 1982Self Portrait, 1999The Mint, 2008Guthrie's Alley Cat,2008Bakersfield Arch, Union Ave. 1995